6 Grids Automatic Pet Feeder
6 Grids Automatic Pet Feeder
6 Grids Automatic Pet Feeder
6 Grids Automatic Pet Feeder
6 Grids Automatic Pet Feeder
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6 Grids Automatic Pet Feeder

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 Product Features:

  • Made of Food-Grade Materials: Harmless to humans and pets
  • With Timer: Set the timer and the owner can leave the house without worries. This feeder will provide food for your pet with the time set.
  • LCD Display: 
  • 6 Compartments: 6 meals design, and you can pre-set 6 different times for 6 meals. Each compartment can store ~2.11 Oz food
  • Minimalist Design: simple but handy

Product Specifications:

  • Colour: See pictures
  • Material: ABS (food grade), stainless steel, electronic components
  • Diameter: 30.9 cm
  • Thickness: 3 cm
  • Compartments: 6
  • Food Capacity: ~2.11 Oz per compartment
  • Power Source: 3*AA Battery (NOT included)
  • Functions: Timer, music alarm
  • Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc.

How To Use:

  1. Remove the outer lid
  2. Add food or snacks in the food tray
  3. Close the outer lid
  4. Set the timer
  5. When it is time, this Pet Feeder will play music to attract your pet's attention and open a lid of one of the compartments. It is ready to dig in!

How to Remove and Clean the Food Tray:

  1. Remove the outer lid.
  2. Rotate the food tray counter-clockwise and lift it up.
  3. Rinse the food tray and dry it thoroughly.
  4. To put the food tray back properly, align the food tray to the 3 notches and then rotate it clockwise
  5. Now, you can install the outer lid and it is all set.


  • When you press the power button to shut down, the time display will keep flashing for 10 seconds and then will disappear
  • ON/OFF: Power button, to turn on and off timing display
  • SET: Toggle Button, to switch between hours and minutes
  • HOUR (+): Increment Button, to increase the time parameter and spare
  • NIN (-): Decrease Button, to decrease the time parameter

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